Past Presidents

Past Presidents

2018(Feb-Dec) Marlene Odebraski KK6CTX
2018 (Jan-Feb) Duane Allen KK6EE
2017 Marlene Odebraski KK6CTX
2015-2016 Ron Braley KE6RYX
2012-2014 Chris Maness KQ6UP
2011 Jim Wiley AG6EA
2010 Bob Trujillo KG6NIB
2008-2009 Chris Maness KQ6UP
2007 Ric Maxfield N6RIC
2005-2006 Bob Wade W6RTW
2002-2004 Fred Roberts W6TKV
2002-2004 Don Williams KD6UVT
2000-2001 George Ashby W6RPD
1998-1999 Robert Randleman N6CEU
1997 Ted Hudson KQ6U
1996 Art Sutorus KQ6HF
1995 Jerry VerDuft AD0A
1994 David Tate N7IGO
1993 Rich Harwick AB4AW
1992 Nick Schmitz N6UUL
1991 Steve Rathbone KF6ZH
1990 (Aug-Dec) Steve Rathbone KF6ZH
1990  (Jan-Jul) Mike Burton N6KZB
1988-1989 Chuck Peck KN6U
1987 John Thomas WA6QMW
1985-1986 John Graf AH6CL
1984 Bill DeChastain N6AIX
1983 Al Nagle KA6TUO
1982 Don Young KZ6U
1981 Lee Owens WD6DGI
1980 Lois Goodine WB6PLR
1979 Richard W. Birbeck K6CID
1978 Larry Botimer/Allen Sonin WA6NVN/WA6URG
1977 Phil Blank WB6HKX
1976 Barrie Britton W6DX
1975 Robert Mann W6LKN
1974 Richard Cupp K6SJA
1973 Don Fox K5BBM/6
1972 Reed C. Easton K6VHP
1971 Richard Cupp K6SJA
1969-1970 Dave Smith WB6SFA
1968(Feb-Dec) Bob Tremaine W6KCD
1968(Jan) Ian Hayes VE2ATU
1967 Bob Rice WA6GOX
1966(Sep-Dec) Michael Desautel W6ECD
1966(Jan-Aug) Neil Bacot WA6QVR
1965 Patrick Murphy WB6LOX
1964 Tom Bridges K6DLY
1963 Bob Rice WA6GOX
1962 Al Summers        ?
1961 Paul Hudson WA6AVJ
1959-1960 Hal Dunagan W6THD
1958-1959 Mark Conway K6GUK
1957-1958 Adrian McCrosky KB1D
1956-1957 Hal Cooper W6PFU
1955 Ed Wellborn W6JXM


The Monitor Newsletter








“The Monitor” is the newsletter for the Riverside County Amateur Radio Association.

The Monitor 2017

RCARA Blood Donation Information

The Riverside County Amateur Radio Association has established a Blood Bank Account with LifeStream (formerly the Blood Bank of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties). RCARA Members and their families can draw upon this account in time of need. Our LifeStream account is identified as the Amateur Radio Association of Riverside.

The RCARA Blood Donation Coordinator is Ron Braley, KE6RYX, (951)369-5149. Please let him know when you donate blood.

Please consider a donation. You could be the first person to give someone a second chance at life.

The LifeStream blood donation locations in the Riverside Metropolitan Area are as follows:

Riverside Donor Center
4006 Van Buren Boulevard
Riverside, CA 92503
Phone: 951.687.2530

San Bernardino Donor Center
384 West Orange Show Road
San Bernardino, CA 92408
Phone: 909.885.6503

Ontario Donor Center
1959 East Fourth Street
Ontario, CA 91764
Phone: 909.987.3158

For further information on blood donation go to the LifeStream website at 

W6TJ Nets

The Riverside County Amateur Radio Association provides communications support during many Public Service Events throughout the year. A weekly net is held to foster emergency preparedness every Monday evening at 7:00 PM. This 2M Monday net provides bulletins of upcoming club activities and events.

For the first three Mondays of the month, we host the Net on the W6TJ club repeater. It is also possible to check into the net via the W6CDF repeater located on Box Springs Mountain which is linked to the W6TJ repeater.

The fourth Monday of the month is a SIMPLEX net on 146.880 MHz, no Offset, no PL. This is done as practice for emergency preparedness as an exercise in being able to operate in a power outage WITHOUT the repeater.

*** Survey – Is there any interest in a 10M Net? ***

NET Tally for Monday Night Net Results:

Aug 5, 2019 Aug 12, 2019 Aug 19, 2019 Aug 26, 2019 SIMPLEX
Regular Check-ins: 29 27
Altavita Check-ins: 2 3
Guests/Visitors: 4 4
220 Link Check-ins: 2 3
Marlene KK6CTX  Alan KM6KPW Phil KJ6KE Jim AG6EA

Net Operators:

  • Marlene KK6CTX
  • Alan KM6KPW
  • Phil KJ6KE
  • Jim AG6EA
  • Don KD6UVT

Club History

Harry Crawford, W6TJ

Harry Crawford, W6TJ

Our club station call was the call of a former member of RCARA, Harry H. Crawford, W6TJ. Crawford died on June 16, 1959, and the club acquired his call around 1960.

Shortly after graduating from Glendale High School in 1923, Harry went to work as a linotype operator for the Riverside Daily Press, the ancestor of the present Press-Enterprise. He continued to work for the Press, except for periods of military service, for the next 32 years, until shortly before his death.

W6TJ was a real old-timer, and had a considerable reputation as a DX man. He was originally licensed at age 14 in 1918 as “6TJ” (with no prefix) in Glendale, CA. (New and renewed U.S. calls were issued with prefixes for the first time in 1928.) ARRL originated the DX Century Club award in October, 1937. Early in 1939, W6TJ became the 114th station in the world to be issued the DXCC award. He was also the 11th station in the 6th call area to earn DXCC, at a time when the 6th district included Arizona, Nevada and Utah, in addition to California. Famed DXer Don Wallace, W6AM, had only 77 countries confirmed when W6TJ made DXCC.

The accompanying photo (courtesy of Dave Leaven, WI6J) shows the W6TJ shack around 1927. The transmitter, the wood-frame job on the right, appears to be using a 204-A tube, good for about half a kilowatt output on CW. (The power supply was probably under the operating bench.) The two-dial breadboard affair on the left is evidently the receiver. All home-built, of course.

Arlo Myers WA6UDR

(1/22/2008 – Updated with information provided by Gaye Funk, Harry Crawford’s Niece)


Harry Crawford on Guadalcanal Island during World War II
Harry Crawford’s, W6TJ, Shack







Downtown Riverside circa 1955 – 1960