Survey – Is there any interest in a RCARA 10 Meter Tech Net?

Hello All!

At the 64th Anniversary Potluck, some of the Net operators were discussing the Monday night W6TJ Net and the topic of HF came up.

As a club we do focus on use of the W6TJ Repeater a lot but there is a LOT more to Amateur Radio than the 2 Meter band!

We understand that many Technician Class members and operators may not have 10 Meter capability, but for those who have the gear and are wanting to get their feet wet in HF radio, this would be a good way to learn the skills to operate that gear that is gathering dust.

Technician Class license holders have Voice (Phone) privilege on 10 Meters between 28.300 Mhz and 28.500 Mhz.  Because of the sunspot activity is limiting 10 Meter propagation, we are proposing a Net to be for the RCARA coverage area using Upper Side Band and possibly AM modes.

This is also for those of us who have our General Class ticket who are working into new bands.

Because there may be a ‘gear gap’, we are opening the survey to licensed operators in the Riverside / San Bernardino county areas.  You do not need to be a RCARA member to participate in this survey and Net.

Here is a quick survey to express your interest:

Thanks for the responses. Here are the leading results:

Current leading days: Tuesday or Sunday

Current starting time: 7:00 PM

73’s to all


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