RCARA 10 Meter Net

Please join us on Tuesdays nights at 7:00 PM on 28.420Mhz USB for a 10 meter Round-Table Net.  If the frequency is in use the alternate is 28.410MHZ USB.

The purpose of the 10 meter Net is to develop and improve our skills in bands of radio communications that are available but unfamiliar to many club members.

Technician Class license holders have Voice (Phone) privilege on 10 Meters between 28.300 Mhz and 28.500 Mhz meaning all licensed operators can participate.

Because of the sunspot activity is limiting 10 Meter propagation, our RCARA Net coverage area is expected to include Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

Anyone interested in taking a turn as Net Coordinator, please contact KM6KPW (Alan).  Feedback (negative and positive) is greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks & 73!

Alan – KM6KPW


Tally for the Tuesday Night 10 Meter:

Sept 17, 2019 Sept 24, 2019 Oct 1, 2019 Oct 8, 2019 Oct 15, 2019
Regular Check-ins: 6 3 3
Guests/Visitors: 0 1 0
Coordinator: Alan KM6KPW Alan KM6KPW Alan KM6KPW