LEJO Perpetual Award

History of the LEJO Perpetual Award. The Award is presented each year for exceptional, dedicated and/or accidental service to the amateur community. The handcrafted 10-pound iron keyer was the original idea of Lee Owens, WD6DGI(SK), in 1978. Lee, known for his ingenious handy work, presented the keyer to Joe Brown, W6UBQ(SK), while he was in the hospital recovering. Joe was so impressed with the novelty of the keyer, he decided to present it to the club as a perpetual trophy for others to enjoy. Hence, the LE (for Lee) JO (for Joe) award was conceived.


Selection Criteria. Criteria for the award includes: being an active member in the association; activity must have been unusual, unique or unpredictable; recipient must agree to return this key to the club at years end and to be a member of the selection committee for the next recipient; recipient shall be an average person, like the rest of us, who may have been at the wrong place at the right time or vice versa and agrees to bring the award key to each club meeting for use by the presiding officer as a gavel.

Selection Committee. The selection committee consists of the W6TJ Trustee, the Club President, and the Previous Year Recipient.

2021 LEJO Perpetual Award Recipient

Madeleine Haase AJ6MF

2022 John Salisbury W7RSO
2021 Madeleine Haase AJ6MF
2020 No Award
2019 Juan Mejia AJ6PH
2018 Rick Schirmer KK6CTT
2017 Art Sutorus AA6CA
2016 Jeff Hannold KW6MOT
2015 Butch Dimery KI6ZKP
2014 Jim Wiley AG6EA
2013 No Award
2012 No Award
2011 Tom Whelchel (SK) WA6TLL
2010 Ed Morgan KF6BNQ
2009 Damon Jones KI6HPV
2008 Bil Seymour WA6MOD
2007 Paul Matthews (SK) WA6DDL
2006 Justin Nelson AE6YD
2005 Don Williams KD6UVT
2004 Larry Jensen KD6TPU
2003 E. E. “Van” Van Noty AA6SD
2002 Bill Hering N6WMH
2001 Steve Evans KF6BNP
2000 Dorothy Anderson K5JWU
1999 Mark Conway K6GUK
1998 Dean Chambers KG6YS
1997 Clair Cessna K6LG
1996 Rich Harwick AB4AW
1995 Cliff Lundquist W6NSN
1994 Frank Vanderpoel K6UIZ
1993 Cornelius Walker W6KXN
1992 Betty Ann Merrill KC6ING
1991 Dave Thompson N6ZNT
1990 Lee Brown N6HGT
1989 Jeff Lloyd N6FRW
1988 Joe Lamb KA6ABL
1987 Chuck Peck KN6U
1986 Ken Andrews KF6QR
1985 Maurice Elmore KA6ABB
1984 Lee Owens WD6DGI
1983 Bob Lyon N6AUI
1982 John Thomas WA6QMW
1981 Jim Henderson K6JAD
1980 Frank Johnson W6KIJ
1979 Bob Mann W6LKN
1978 Joe Brown (SK) W6UBQ