W6TJ 2 Meter Net

The Riverside County Amateur Radio Association provides communications support during many Public Service Events throughout the year. A weekly net is held to foster emergency preparedness every Monday evening at 7:00 PM. The Monday night net provides bulletins of upcoming club activities and events.

For the first three Mondays of the month, we host the Net on the W6TJ club repeater. It is also possible to check into the net via the W6CDF repeater located on Box Springs Mountain which is linked to the W6TJ repeater.

The fourth Monday of the month is a SIMPLEX net on 146.880 MHz, no offset, no PL, no squelch. This is done as practice for emergency preparedness as an exercise in being able to operate in a power outage WITHOUT the repeater.

NET Tally for Monday Night Net Results:

June 06, 2022 June 13, 2022 June 20, 2022 June 27,  2022 SIMPLEX
Regular Check-ins: 22 15
Guests/Visitors: 1 1
220 Link Check-ins: 0 1
Echolink Check-ins: 4 2
Juan AJ6PH Madeline AJ6MF Juan AJ6PH Jim AG6EA

2M Net Operators:

  • Juan AJ6PH
  • Madeline AJ6MF
  • Juan AJ6PH
  • Jim AG6EA