Technician Class Study Tools

This page has resources for anyone who is interested in becoming an amateur radio operator.

Get your FRN number
Register with the Federal Communications Commission to obtain your FRN number.  Every Amateur Radio Operator needs to have a FRN at the test time.
This website will provide you with a great tool to see and practice the question pool (411 questions) for the technician class. We recommend that you sign up and create a FREE account! will keep track of your progress on each sub-element and provide you with a nice visual so you know which areas to study more.

HRCC: Ham Radio Technician License Prep (2022-2026)
Still stuck on certain sub-elements? No worries! Just click HERE to open a PDF with direct links to HRCC’s (Ham Radio Crash Course) YouTube channel. Josh, KI6NAZ, has created videos that go over all of the sub-elements.

Gordon West Technician Class Manual • Covers FCC Question Pool Effective July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2026 for FCC Examination
Complete study guide with answer explanations. Re-organized into logical study topic order with highlighted key words and all NEW helpful “HAM HINTS” by ELMER with hundreds of related resource website links. BONUS CD INCLUDED – “Getting on the Air!”. Gordo introduces you to using your Technician privileges, UHF/VHF operations and equipment and how to make DX contacts with Technician privileges. You can order your copy from Amazon or Ham Radio Outlet.

After you have studied (at your pace or with a group) it is time to take some practice tests! Use the practice tests on and keep taking them until you are consistently scoring 85%. Remember, you only need a 74% (that’s 26 out of 35 questions) to pass the technician test, so 85% on a practice is a good indicator that you will do well!