Field Day 2024

Riverside County Amateur Radio Association’s Field Day 2024

Our Field Day event will be held at:

Fairmount Park, Picnic Shelter #1

2601 Fairmount Blvd
Riverside, CA 92501-2113

Shelter 1: Large gated shelter on the east side of the park near the intersections of
Locust Street, Fairmount Boulevard, and Bowling Green Drive.

Saturday, June 22nd 11:00 AM to
Sunday, June 23rd 11:00 AM
(RCARA will operate for 24 hours)


RCARA 6 Meter Chat

Join us Tuesdays for a 6 Meter Chat on 50.500 MHz FM.

The Tuesday 6 Meter Net begin at 7:00PM PST on 50.500 MHz FM.

Assisting in this chat is a remote receiver placed on Sierra Peak in Corona. The receiver was placed there to foster conversation primarily on the Six Meter AM Roundtable hosted by Will AA6DD, which happens every Sunday at 10:00 AM, on 50.400AM.

The receiver and its functionality are accessible to anyone who has the software and a little bit of time. AA6RF described the steps:

Here’s what you need to do to get on the 6 Meter Sierra Peak remote.

You need a Windows or Android computer. Log into, – Home It is free to create an account there if necessary.

Then download rcforbclient setup – Downloads. After that open up app and there are many remotes to log into. You want to log into W6RYO Sierra Peak.

It’s that easy.

Club Officers for the year 2024

Riverside County Amateur Radio Association

Elected Officers for the Year 2024

Steven DeLong W7DTH


John Salisbury W7RSO

Vice President

Jim Wiley AG6EA


Shannon Johnson KO6AYV




Ron Braley KE6RYX

Director of Communications

(951) 369-5149

Adrian Bravo KO6DEZ

Director of Membership

Appointed Positions for 2023


Sunshine Chair
Volunteer Needed

PendingPhotographer Alan Serl KM6KPW

Juan Mejia AJ6PH




Returning to in person meetings

July 12, 2021

Hi All,

This virus has been a real kick in the backside, hasn’t it!  I for one am very glad to be seeing lockdowns and quarantine restrictions moving into our rearview mirror.

We planned the 2021 Field Day with the possibility that the COVID restrictions might be extended which translated into a one day park event without our normal banners, advertising and public table.  Although we kept a lowered profile we still had a few visitors.  John (W7RSO) made his chili and while the “secret ingredient” still needed to steam off it was darn good!

For the first time in over a year, we have had an in person meeting.  We had to change our venue but the feedback I’ve received from the members in attendance was encouraging.  Our heartfelt thanks go out to the Riverside Seventh Day Baptist Church for the use of their Fellowship Hall.

We covered planning of the club’s upcoming 66th Anniversary and Carrie (N6LMA) gave us a great presentation on Net Etiquette.

Please join us for the August meeting to help celebrate 66 years of Ham Radio in Riverside County!  Watch your email for an RSVP from Juan (AJ6PH), we need to know how much pizza we need to order.  We will have a “show and tell” so bring out your projects and brag about your endeavours!


Alan / KM6KPW

Club Meetings

BOARD MEETING (Tuesday before General Meeting)

Join us for our RCARA Board Meeting each Tuesday
before our monthly general meeting (second Thursday of each month).
Board meetings are open to all members.
Meeting will be conducted through Zoom and begin at 6:00PM.

Join the Board Zoom meeting by clicking here:

Meeting ID: 847 7636 2035
Passcode: 646383


Riverside County Amateur Radio Association
meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month and alternate between in-person and Zoom.

Zoom meetings are held during the months of
January, March, May, July, September, and November.
Zoom meetings start promptly at 7:00PM but we will open the Zoom meeting at 6:30PM for a pre-meeting social.
Please be early so we can start on time.

Join the Zoom meeting by clicking here:

Meeting ID: 892 0677 9676
Passcode: 354033

In-Person club meetings are held at
Kountry Folks Homestyle Restaurant during the months of
February, April, June, August, October and December.
In-person meetings begin at 6:00PM.

Kountry Folks Homestyle Restaurant
3653 La Sierra Ave
Riverside, CA 92505

RCARA Club Swag

RCARA Club Shirts:
Embroidered NOT Screen Printed
Polos with logo, name, and call sign
Prices (tax included): 

S-XL $30.66
XXL $32.85
XXXL $34.04

Black ball caps:
RCARA logo on the back (same as on shirt)

name and call sign on the front
$15-$20 each cap plus tax
To order, send info (name and call sign) to me at XMADAMXX@AOL.COM 
Send payment in the form of check to:
Marlene Odebralski KK6CTX
2988 Laramie Rd
Riverside, CA 92506


RCARA club items are also available from our Teespring store

There are t-shirts, hoodies and stickers available with the black and yellow Riverside County Amateur Radio Association logo emblazoned on the back.


Additional items have been suggested such as keychain fobs and refrigerator magnets.  We are looking to source those as well.  

Club Officers for the year 2021

Riverside County Amateur Radio Association

Elected Officers for the Year 2021


Alan Serl KM6KPW


km6kpw @

Juan Meja AJ6PH


Jim Wiley AG6EA


jameswiley757 @

Open Position

Volunteer Needed


Ron Braley KE6RYX

Director of Communications

(951) 369-5149


Carrie Smith N6LMA

Director of Membership

jjschina @

Appointed Positions for 2021


Sunshine Chair
Volunteer Needed

Rick Schirmer KK6CTT


rngr86 @

Alan Serl KM6KPW


km6kpw @


Club Awards

Our club, Riverside County Amateur Radio Association has existed for 65 years and there are several awards that our club has achieved.  Many of those awards have gone unclaimed and the efforts of our past members have gone unrecognized.


If there are any additional awards that should be posted for RCARA, please notify Alan Serl KM6KPW at km6kpw @

Riverside County Amateur Radio Association is a member of and actively reports QSO’s from members using the club call sign.  Please forward contact logs made using the club callsign to the webmaster so the contacts can be claimed (ADIF export prefered)

Field Day 2020

Riverside County Amateur Radio Association Field Day 2020

Here is the picture slideshow from Field Day 2020

  • RCARA Members and visitors pause for a pic along side a VW Bus
  • Moving the supplies and equipment from the parking lot
  • Juan KM6CFH packing in his portable rig
  • A new battery technology was introduced at FD this year.
  • For 2020, there was no line power in out location for even non-radio gear. Battery and solar powered the show this year!
  • Power management in a box with power pole connectors and a built in volt meter.
  • Rick KK6CTT - large battery box and solar panels included an inverter which provided line power for laptops and HT & Cellphone charging.
  • John W7RSO operating under an EZ-UP, socially distanced but racking up the QSO numbers
  • John W7RSO came wearing his FD 2020 hat.
  • APRS Map showing that Alan KM6KPW is at the park
  • An APRS controller with GPS and simple telemetry. This module uses a Baofeng UV-5R type of HT for it's transmitter and receiver.
  • An APRS controller with GPS and simple telemetry. This module uses a Baofeng UV-5R type of HT for it's transmitter and receiver.
  • Steven W7DTH brought out his shelter and portable rig
  • Steven W7DTH displays a clean power distribution module. LED indicators and fuses are a great features.
  • Field Day is great to see what others are using in their portable and mobile rigs
  • Just waiting for the 11:00 AM whistle to start making contacts
  • Our newest Extra class operator making contacts. Congrats to Juan AJ6PH !!
  • Juan finding the balance between sun for the solar panel and shade for the operator
  • Alan KM6KPW ran 10M FT8 on 15 watts QRP power.
  • Alan KM6KPW on the Xiegu working FT8 on 10 meters. The band was like a revolving door
  • John W7RSO brought out the hitch mounted extending mast antenna.
  • A close up of John W7RSO's trailer hitch mast mount
  • Alan KM6KPW brought out a 10 meter dipole that fits into the go bag.
  • Rails to save the face and rear connectors of his mobile transceiver. Lite and solid, nice!
  • All gathered around the picnic table
  • Both the US flag and our ARRL FD mascot on display in front of the pavillion

Updated Q&A from the ARRL about club totals – (PDF or Original Article)

Members operating from home, please remember to include “RIVERSIDE COUNTY AMATEUR RADIO ASSOCIATION” (NOT “RCARA” or “W6TJ”) on your submission.  See the ARRL COVID-19 2020 Waver document for more information



We may have to be away from each other but that does not mean we have to be out of reach!

Stay Safe and keep making contacts!

Remote VE Testing Information

During the 2020 COVID-19 isolation lockdown the Ham Radio community has seen the need to continue with VE testing.  New licensees testing for their Tech license as well as those upgrading their license ticket while they have time to study.

The Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group VEC has created a protocol for VE remote testing.  Below are two documents contributed by our members that are VE’s participating in the GLARG testing:

Remote VE Testing  Short Overview and the Long Version

Study hard and when you are ready to test, get on the GLARG’s calendar.


Thank you to Doug (KK6D) and Jim (AG6EA) for filling in the blanks!