Show and Tell

After the great showing for the “Show and Tell” at the July 2018 meeting, it occured to a few of us that the club members may have projects and accomplishments that have gone unsung!  Please send in a description,  pictures and web links so we can feature your corner of Ham Radio:

KM6KPW (Alan) APRS iGate:  “I’ve enjoyed this build and I am always thrilled to see a long distance station show up on the console.  So far the farthest station from the north has been from just outside of Reno NV!”  Clicking on the picture will take you to KM6KPW’s page for this project.

APRS iGate


Past Presidents

Past Presidents

2018(?- ) Marlene Odebraski KK6CTX
2018 (Jan-Feb) Duane Allen KK6EE
2017 Marlene Odebraski KK6CTX
2015-2016 Ron Braley KE6RYX
2012-2014 Chris Maness KQ6UP
2011 Jim Wiley AG6EA
2010 Bob Trujillo KG6NIB
2008-2009 Chris Maness KQ6UP
2007 Ric Maxfield N6RIC
2005-2006 Bob Wade W6RTW
2002-2004 Fred Roberts W6TKV
2002-2004 Don Williams KD6UVT
2000-2001 George Ashby W6RPD
1998-1999 Robert Randleman N6CEU
1997 Ted Hudson KQ6U
1996 Art Sutorus KQ6HF
1995 Jerry VerDuft AD0A
1994 David Tate N7IGO
1993 Rich Harwick AB4AW
1992 Nick Schmitz N6UUL
1991 Steve Rathbone KF6ZH
1990 (Aug-Dec) Steve Rathbone KF6ZH
1990  (Jan-Jul) Mike Burton N6KZB
1988-1989 Chuck Peck KN6U
1987 John Thomas WA6QMW
1985-1986 John Graf AH6CL
1984 Bill DeChastain N6AIX
1983 Al Nagle KA6TUO
1982 Don Young KZ6U
1981 Lee Owens WD6DGI
1980 Lois Goodine WB6PLR
1979 Richard W. Birbeck K6CID
1978 Larry Botimer/Allen Sonin WA6NVN/WA6URG
1977 Phil Blank WB6HKX
1976 Barrie Britton W6DX
1975 Robert Mann W6LKN
1974 Richard Cupp K6SJA
1973 Don Fox K5BBM/6
1972 Reed C. Easton K6VHP
1971 Richard Cupp K6SJA
1969-1970 Dave Smith WB6SFA
1968(Feb-Dec) Bob Tremaine W6KCD
1968(Jan) Ian Hayes VE2ATU
1967 Bob Rice WA6GOX
1966(Sep-Dec) Michael Desautel W6ECD
1966(Jan-Aug) Neil Bacot WA6QVR
1965 Patrick Murphy WB6LOX
1964 Tom Bridges K6DLY
1963 Bob Rice WA6GOX
1962 Al Summers        ?
1961 Paul Hudson WA6AVJ
1959-1960 Hal Dunagan W6THD
1958-1959 Mark Conway K6GUK
1957-1958 Adrian McCrosky KB1D
1956-1957 Hal Cooper W6PFU
1955 Ed Wellborn W6JXM


Field Day 2018

Thanks to everyone who joined us for Field Day 2018!  Here are some of the highlights from the event:

Update 11/2018 – The results from QST have been published

Videos from FaceBook:

Riverside County Amateur Radio Association Field Day 2018

A short video of some of our Field Day 2018 happenings … courtesy of Mathew and his photography skills. More to come when I get organized. Enjoy!

Posted by Riverside County Amateur Radio Association – RCARA Page on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

RCARA Field Day 2018

It was a good Field Day.

Posted by Art Sutorus on Thursday, June 28, 2018

Please enjoy the slideshow of pictures from the event:



Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

  • November 3 – RCARA Picnic & BBQ:  CANCELED
  • November 14 – Riverside CERT/Fire Department and Neighbors Communication Exercise 1800-2000:  CANCELED
  • January 26 & 27 2019 – Winter Field Day:

Recurring Events

  • RCARA Club Meeting: The 2nd Thursday of each month at 7 PM
    in the La Sierra University Seventh Day Adventist Church
    Fellowship Hall, 4937 Sierra Vista Avenue, Riverside, CA.
  • RCARA Board Meeting: The 2nd Thursday of each month at 6
    PM before the General Monthly Club Meeting. Everyone is
  • Weekly West Coast Swap Meet On The Air. Every Saturday and
    Sunday from approximately 1200 – 1500 hours local on 7240
  • Monthly: El Cajon ARC Swap Meet is held the first Saturday of
    each month at the Santee Drive-In Theater on Woodside Ave. at
    Hwy 67 in Santee, CA, starting at 6am, talk-in 146.52, Buyers 50
  • Monthly: TRW ARC Swap Meet is held the last Saturday of each
    month (rain or shine) from 7 AM to 11:30 AM at the Northrop
    Grumman facility on the southeast corner of Aviation Blvd and
    Marine Ave in Redondo Beach, CA . The prices for sellers vary
    and buyers are free. More information is available on the
    W6TRW website at:


The Monitor Newsletter








“The Monitor” is the newsletter for the Riverside County Amateur Radio Association.

The Monitor 2017

Old Timers Honor Roll 2018

Current RCARA members licensed for more than 50 years. Years licensed are indicated..


John Colombo K7QPC – 50 Charles Hotchkiss WA6WQD – 54 Bruce Jones WA6ST – 55
Howard Elovitz W6FL – 59 John Taylor W6KEE – 61 Barry Ferguson N6SY – 64
Duane Allen KK6EE – 66

Current RCARA members licensed for more than 25 years. Years licensed are indicated.


Don Williams KD6UVT – 25 Jim Wiley AG6EA – 25 Margaret Albanese KC6UDH – 26
Art Sutorus AA6CA – 26 Phil Albanese KJ6KE/AE – 30 Ricardo Golden NI6AU – 32
Charles Cauthen KA6JAZ – 34 Jeff Lloyd N6FRW – 37  Larry Junker WA6PMY – 39
Bil Seymour WA6MOD 46 David Koss KI6WJN – 48

Last updated 7/16/2018

LEJO Perpetual Award

History of the LEJO Perpetual Award. The Award is presented each year for exceptional, dedicated and/or accidental service to the amateur community. The handcrafted 10-pound iron keyer was the original idea of Lee Owens, WD6DGI(SK), in 1978. Lee, known for his ingenious handy work, presented the keyer to Joe Brown, W6UBQ(SK), while he was in the hospital recovering. Joe was so impressed with the novelty of the keyer, he decided to present it to the club as a perpetual trophy for others to enjoy. Hence, the LE (for Lee) JO (for Joe) award was conceived.


Selection Criteria. Criteria for the award includes: being an active member in the association; activity must have been unusual, unique or unpredictable; recipient must agree to return this key to the club at years end and to be a member of the selection committee for the next recipient; recipient shall be an average person, like the rest of us, who may have been at the wrong place at the right time or vice versa and agrees to bring the award key to each club meeting for use by the presiding officer as a gavel.

Selection Committee. The selection committee consists of the W6TJ Trustee, the Club President, and the Previous Year Recipient.

2017 Art Sutorus AA6CA
2016  Jeff Hannold  KW6MOT
2015  Butch Dimery  KI6ZKP
2014 Jim Wiley AG6EA
2013  No Award
2012  No Award
2011 Tom Whelchel WA6TLL
2010 Ed Morgan KF6BNQ
2009 Damon Jones KI6HPV
2008 Bil Seymour WA6MOD
2007 Paul Matthews WA6DDL
2006 Justin Nelson AE6YD
2005 Don Williams KD6UVT
2004 Larry Jensen KD6TPU
2003 E. E. “Van” Van Noty AA6SD
2002 Bill Hering N6WMH
2001 Steve Evans KF6BNP
2000 Dorothy Anderson K5JWU
1999 Mark Conway K6GUK
1998 Dean Chambers KG6YS
1997 Clair Cessna K6LG
1996 Rich Harwick AB4AW
1995 Cliff Lundquist W6NSN
1994 Frank Vanderpoel K6UIZ
1993 Cornelius Walker W6KXN
1992 Betty Ann Merrill KC6ING
1991 Dave Thompson N6ZNT
1990 Lee Brown N6HGT
1989 Jeff Lloyd N6FRW
1988 Joe Lamb KA6ABL
1987 Chuck Peck KN6U
1986 Ken Andrews KF6QR
1985 Maurice Elmore KA6ABB
1984 Lee Owens WD6DGI
1983 Bob Lyon N6AUI
1982 John Thomas WA6QMW
1981 Jim Henderson K6JAD
1980 Frank Johnson W6KIJ
1979 Bob Mann W6LKN
1978 Joe Brown W6UBQ

Silent Key Memorial



In days gone by the telegraph key was an important part
of every Ham Shack. When a Ham passed away, their
key became silent, hence the term “Silent Key”. This memorial
is dedicated to the memory of present and former long time
Riverside County Amateur Radio Association members.

“Gone, But Not Forgotten”


KA6VPW Mike Riiff February  11, 2018
AF6SI Don Goodwin January 17, 2018
KD6ETF Dan Randall December 26, 2016
K6JZC Steven Greneveld October 3,2016
N6WGO RC Lasater July 19,2016
W9GCS Dennis Lynaugh June 15,2016
KQ6U Ted Hudson May 15,2016
AC6XJ Tom Mahan February 14, 2016
WA6TLL Tom Whelchel October 4, 2015
W6RTW Bob Wade September 15, 2015
KG6YS Dean Chambers October 15, 2014
N6NEP Claude D. Edwards May 27, 2014
WA6UDR Arlo K. Myers, Jr. May 4, 2014
AA6SD Elwood E. Van Noty February 7, 2014
KC0GMI Joanie Verduft April 23, 2013
K6GCV John G. Gabbert December 9, 2013
WB6FKR Don John’s July 17, 2012
K5JWU Dorothy Grace Anderson September 28, 2012
W6KPA Andy Anderson July 23, 2012
K6GUK Mark Conway January 9, 2012
KC6YRK Joyce Lorena Shockley September 21, 2011
AC6EX Robert Lippman January 26, 2011
KA6ABK Kathleen Andrews January 16, 2011
W6LKN Robert  W. Mann November 17, 2010
K6GMF William Harvey November 2, 2010
N6HOJ Robert  Henry October 19, 2010
KD6MAN Harold R. Ellis July 26, 2010
KE6RWD Earl Sherwood May 28, 2010
AA6MI O. Wendell Seymour October 27, 2009
K6UIZ Frank Van Derpoel October 12, 2009
K6QES Fred E. Lincoln July 13, 2009
W0VHV John Salley June 28, 2009
W6YJH Edwin Richards April 26, 2009
K6AJP T. Scott Herring July 24, 2008
W6NSN Clifford Lundquist July 2, 2008
AE6VF Gary Van Noty March 25, 2008
KI6FBP Raymond Dean February 7, 2008
N6LOV Dorothy Chambers November 9, 2006
AE6UD Larry Jensen September 9, 2006
K6KJ Kyle Johnson September 9, 2006
KF6QR Kenneth Andrews September 8, 2006
WA6KOM H. Raymond Shelden March 16, 2006
KF6BNL David Harmon September 22, 2005
W6UBQ Joe Brown April 12, 2005
N6UUL Nicholas E. Schmitz September 29, 2004
W9STA Robert Wallace June 5, 2003
KC6YRJ Sherwood Shockley October 26, 2002
KC6VZQ Charles M. Ferguson May 7, 2002
KF6VHL Roger W. Ridley May 1, 2002
WB6NUS Loren Rap November 27, 2001
KN6U Charles Peck May 14, 2001
W6WET Ralph N.Van Natta December 25, 2000
K6CID Richard Birbeck November 6, 2000
KE6GQM Daniel M. Sutorus February 18, 2000
WA6AVJ Paul A. Hudson March 20, 1998
WB6ULB Owen Harvey January 11, 1998
WA6RGH James L. Matthews March 2, 1997
KE6HHD Robert Hester February 17, 1997
K6BD Robert Goldman January 20, 1997
KE6QMJ Christopher Byrd April 26, 1996
KZ6U James D. Young May 28, 1995
KA6AEM Harriet Van Natta February 26, 1995
WA6EDC Roy McGaha February 9, 1995
KA6ABL Joseph W. Lamb October 14, 1994
K6SML Ludwig Gneiting March 2, 1994
KC6YRN Linda J. Drake December 16, 1993
W6VBW Harry C. Woodruff. April 14, 1993
WB6KAQ Forrest Schaefer June 11, 1992
KB6SYD Hal Roth December 25, 1991
W6JXM Ed Wellborn September 4, 1988
WA6QMW John Thomas May 20, 1988
W6TJ Harry Crawford June 16, 1959